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CC and Lance Simmons @ Space 1026

Sunday Space 1026 9pm 11/8/13
1026 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

surprise gig from
Refulgent Sepulchre

Samantha Vacation

Unicorn Hard-On


Charles Cohen/Unguent


dj maybe? probably


CC in West Philly

Saturday, December 21, 2013
 Studio 34 Backspace 4523 Springfield Ave (Behind Baltimore Ave) The Archer Spade Performance Series Presents: Charles Cohen/Julius Masri, Daniel Wyche, Katerina Stonehart


CC on WXPN - all night Star's End special

In the midst of every Fall season clocks are turned back one hour and we of the civilized world return to Standard Daylight Time. Any respectible STAR'S END listener knows that each year on this night the radio show broadcast is one hour longer in length - and the snapping back of the clocks by one hour seems indeed a crude form of time travel. We watch and listen as STAR'S END begins and the 1AM hour progresses, that is until 1:59AM - after which the clock magically pops back to 1:00AM never quite making it to 2:00AM on the first try. This year the annual clock change will occur during the 3 November 2013 broadcast of STAR'S END - which will feature a special Back in Time presentation of six live Spacemusic acts performing during each of the six one hour segments of this extra long broadcast. It is believed that this enterprise has never been attempted before anywhere. Please make plans to tune in to The Big Broadcast of 11.03.13 and a historic evening of live original Spacemusic from STAR'S END and the WXPN performance studio. 1:00AM The Tangent Project 1:00AM Jason Sloan 2:00AM Tim Motzer 3:00AM Codex Gigas 4:00AM Charles Cohen 5:00AM Ombient 6:00AM concludes


Double Decker Bus Concert

Double Decker Music Series 01: Birdie Busch & Charles Cohen
Free ice cream sandwiches for the first 15 people on board, thanks to our sponsor Little Baby's Ice Cream!
Join us on Thursday, September 12th at 8pm for a unique and intimate mobile concert experience on an open-top double-decker bus.

Guitarist and singer Biridie Busch and electronics legend Charles Cohen will play live solo sets while the bus drives around Center City at night.

Before, between, and after the music, tour guide Sebastian Darkly Petsu will share dry wit and history about the City of Brotherly Love.

Boarding begins at 7:45 p.m. at the northeast corner of 5th and Market St. by the Wells Fargo building, departing at 8:00 p.m. sharp. The event finishes up back where we started at 10:00 p.m. (Remember, it's a mobile event, so you can't show up late -- the venue will be on the road!)

Late Night Cabaret

with dancer Stuart Meyer: we will do a short improvisation around 11 PM

Fringe Festival Late Night Cabaret

Monday, Sept 9, 2013 


Installment One

Reworks Of Charles Cohen's 'Dance Of The Spiritcatchers'
Format: 12"Released: Aug 2013Catalogue Number: DOSER019LP


CC @ The Rotunda

I'll be in the first half


CC on WFMU this week:


Space is the Place on Brian Turner's show Tuesday, June 4th and 11th from 3-6pm with a visit from longtime Sun Ra Arkestra members Marshall Allen (alto sax) and Danny Ray Thompson (baritone sax)! They'll be playing live, joined by Ed Wilcox on drums and vocals, Jerry Mayall (both longtime members of Temple of Bon Matin) on upright bass, plus electronic music pioneer Charles Cohen. This newly-expanded, active working band has evolved out of Wilcox's five European tours with Allen, a marathon set broken up over two weeks on the show!


CC @ Hidden City Festival in Frankford

Friday, May 31, 2013, 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Historical Society of Frankford, 1507 Orthodox St, Philadelphia, PA 19124

Heritage Electronics will feature musical artists making use of early electronic instruments. Performers include King Britt, Charles Cohen on the Buchla Music Easel, violist Gretchen Lohse, Laura Baird on the theremin, (an early electronic instrument invented in 1919), and Dino Lionetti of the band Cheap Dinosaurs, who specialize in chip-music.